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Palugolla Yaya 10 Maha Vidyalaya Donation Campaign – March 2023

In March 2023, the Chestnut Foundation initiated its second project for the month, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to education and community development. This project was dedicated to Palugolla Yaya 10 Maha Vidyalaya, a school located in the tranquil town of Palugolla, Sri Lanka. The primary aim was to provide the school with three complete computer sets, including new peripherals and speakers, to enhance the students’ learning experiences.

Palugolla Yaya 10 Maha Vidyalaya, while nestled in a serene environment, faces the challenge of limited access to technological resources. We recognize that in today’s digital age, access to computers and technology is vital for students’ educational growth and future prospects. With this in mind, the Chestnut Foundation took the initiative to provide these essential tools.

The provision of three complete computer sets, equipped with new peripherals and speakers, aimed to bridge the technological gap that many students in this region encounter. These computers are not just devices but gateways to a world of knowledge and opportunities, enabling students to explore, learn, and prepare for the future.

The choice of location, Palugolla, signifies our commitment to reaching out to underserved communities. In rural areas such as Palugolla, access to modern educational resources can be limited. By extending our support to these regions, the Chestnut Foundation aspires to contribute to an equitable educational landscape.

Our ongoing projects reflect our unwavering dedication to fostering positive change through education. As we expand our support and reach, the Chestnut Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to create lasting, positive impacts on communities that deserve equal access to quality education.

The charitable project conducted at Palugolla Yaya 10 Maha Vidyalaya in March 2023 is another step towards fulfilling this mission. It aims to ensure that students in underserved areas have the tools and resources they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world. We are committed to continuing our journey of support and empowerment, working towards a brighter future for all students, regardless of their circumstances.

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