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Welcome to the Chestnut Foundation, the charitable arm of Chestnut Education. Our mission is to help underprivileged children overcome obstacles in their education by providing them with schoolbooks, uniforms, and equipment necessary to succeed in school. We believe that education is a key factor in a child’s personal and community development and that every child deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education.
At the Chestnut Foundation, we understand that many children in disadvantaged communities are unable to obtain basic school supplies and uniforms, which can negatively affect their academic performance. This is why we strive to remove these barriers and provide children with the resources they need to thrive in their education.
We are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of children in need, and we rely on the generosity of our donors to achieve our mission. Listed below are some project that we have achieved so far.

Our Campaigns

Pubudu Preschool Donation Campaign – June 2024

Chestnut Foundation In June 2024, the Chestnut Foundation embarked on a heartwarming project at Pubudu Preschool in Thuruwila, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. This initiative was part of their ongoing mission to support education in underprivileged regions. The foundation’s team visited the preschool with a clear goal: to provide essential school equipment,

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Palugolla Buddhi Preschool Donation Campaign – March 2024

Chestnut Foundation The Chestnut Foundation, the charitable arm of Chestnut Education, remains steadfast in its commitment to providing accessible education for underprivileged children. In its most recent initiative, the foundation extended a helping hand to the young learners of Palugolla Buddhi Preschool, nestled in the historic city of Anuradhapura, Sri

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Kokawiddawawa Kekulu Pre-School Donation Campaign – January 2024

Chestnut Foundation The Chestnut Foundation, the charitable arm of Chestnut Education, has successfully completed its latest donation campaign in Sri Lanka, bringing smiles and hope to many young children from low income families. The campaign, which took place in January 2024, targeted the Kokawiddawawa Kekulu Pre-School in Nochchiyagama, a rural

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Sinharagama Ralapanawa Donation Campaign – November 2023

Chestnut Foundation In November 2023, the Chestnut Foundation extended its philanthropic efforts to Nochchiyagama Sinharagama Ralapanawa Primary Vidyalaya in Sri Lanka. Aiming to address the educational needs of the community, we provided essential school supplies to 20 students, reinforcing our commitment to facilitating accessible education in underserved areas. Nochchiyagama Sinharagama

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Nochchiyagama Ranorawa Vidyalaya Donation Campaign – October 2023

Chestnut Foundation In October 2023, the Chestnut Foundation, the charitable arm of Chestnut Education, extended its support to the Nochchiyagama Ranorawa Primary Vidyalaya, a primary school located in the rural region of Nochchiyagama, Sri Lanka. As part of our ongoing commitment to education and community development, we provided essential school

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Jaffna Chithambara College Donation Campaign – August 2023

Chestnut Foundation In August 2023, the Chestnut Foundation embarked on a charitable initiative aimed at providing support to Chithambara College, located in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. As part of this endeavor, school bags were distributed to 50 deserving students of the institution. Chithambara College stands as a beacon of education in

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Nochchiyagama Donation Campaign – July 2023

Chestnut Foundation In a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to supporting education in underserved communities, the Chestnut Foundation conducted a charitable event in July 2023 that provided essential stationary products to students in the rural Nochchiyagama area of Sri Lanka. The event was aimed to alleviate some of the challenges

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Sarana Children’s Home Donation Campaign – June 2023

Chestnut Foundation In June 2023, the Chestnut Foundation embarked on a philanthropic project aimed at providing support to the Sarana Children’s Home, located in Palugolla, Sri Lanka. This compassionate initiative aimed to extend a helping hand to 36 young residents of the home by ensuring they received a nutritious meal

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Thakshila Maha Vidyalaya Donation Campaign – April 2023

Chestnut Foundation Chestnut Foundation, the charitable arm of Chestnut Education, continues to have a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children through their commitment to education. In a recent project held in April, the foundation extended their support to Thakshila Maha Vidyalaya in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, providing much-needed assistance

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Koonkadawala Maha Vidyalaya Donation Campaign – March 2023

Chestnut Foundation The Chestnut Foundation’s latest charitable event for March 2023 supported the Koonkadawala Maha Vidyalaya in Galgamuwa, Sri Lanka by providing assistance to thirty fifth-grade students with essential school supplies. These included textbooks, pencils, erasers, school bags, and other items. The Koonkadawala Maha Vidyalaya is a school situated in

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Maha Vidyalaya Donation Campaign in Trincomalee – February 2023

Chestnut Foundation The Chestnut Foundation has continued its mission to provide essential resources to underprivileged children to support their education and help them overcome personal challenges. In February 2023, the foundation proudly awarded students who passed the Grade 5 Scholarship Exam at the Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya in Trincomalee. The Grade

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