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Palugolla Buddhi Preschool Donation Campaign – March 2024

The Chestnut Foundation, the charitable arm of Chestnut Education, remains steadfast in its commitment to providing accessible education for underprivileged children. In its most recent initiative, the foundation extended a helping hand to the young learners of Palugolla Buddhi Preschool, nestled in the historic city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

The March 2024 project at Palugolla Buddhi Preschool aimed to bridge the gap faced by children who lack basic school essentials. The foundation recognized that without proper supplies, a child’s academic journey can be hindered. Therefore, they stepped in to provide the necessary tools for success.

The Chestnut Foundation distributed backpacks filled with notebooks, pencils, erasers, and other essential stationery items. These supplies empower students to engage actively in their studies, take notes, and complete assignments.

Furthermore, the foundation ensured that the preschool had access to educational aids such as charts, posters, and learning materials. These resources enhance the teaching and learning experience, making the classroom environment more conducive to growth.

The project’s impact extends beyond the walls of the preschool. By investing in education, the Chestnut Foundation contributes to the overall development of the community. Educated children become informed citizens who can actively participate in shaping their future.

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