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Jaffna Chithambara College Donation Campaign – August 2023

In August 2023, the Chestnut Foundation embarked on a charitable initiative aimed at providing support to Chithambara College, located in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. As part of this endeavor, school bags were distributed to 50 deserving students of the institution.

Chithambara College stands as a beacon of education in the community, catering to a diverse student body with aspirations of knowledge and growth. In line with the Chestnut Foundation’s commitment to uplifting educational prospects, this event sought to alleviate some of the challenges faced by students who are the future of the nation.

The beneficiary students, carefully selected in collaboration with the college, were handed school bags – a seemingly simple yet impactful gesture. These bags, a practical accessory for many, hold deeper significance for these students. They symbolize the Foundation’s recognition of their determination to acquire education despite potential hurdles.

In the spirit of unity and progress, we stand by our commitment to support educational initiatives that amplify opportunities and nurture potential. The Chestnut Foundation’s latest charitable event for August 2023, benefiting Chithambara College, is a reminder of our shared responsibility to cultivate brighter horizons for those who seek knowledge and a brighter future.

As we move forward, the Chestnut Foundation remains dedicated to pursuing future endeavors that continue to make a positive impact and empower communities through education.

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