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ONCAMPUS Master’s Foundation Year

Course Type

Foundation Course

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Study Method

On Campus

Start Date

September / January

Course Duration

6 or 9 months

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Course Description

From the ONCAMPUS centre at Birkbeck, in the heart of the University of London, you are encouraged to develop the tools for success on degree programmes at the best universities in the UK. The Master’s Foundation Programme is available as a two or three-term programme, with progression to a wide range of Master’s degrees at our University of London College partners, or other top universities in the UK.

This programme is designed to prepare international students for postgraduate study in the UK. The Master’s Foundation will allow you to improve your English while learning the study skills and research methods that you will need during your Master’s degree studies. Depending on the length of the programme you study, you may also study academic modules relating to your chosen progression degree.

The duration of the programme is dependent on the number of terms studied (three, six or nine months). Each term consists of seven to eight teaching weeks, one reading week, and an assessment week. The weekly hours of study varies by term with students on average studying around 18-23 (and up to 25) hours per week.

English Language forms up to six hours of your timetable, is compulsory for students who are below the required level for progression, and will be integrated into the teaching of academic subjects as well as being taught separately if you need additional support. Students who are at or above the required English level for progression are likely to follow a reduced timetable.

Students will be expected to timetable self-study hours in addition to the classroom-based hours.
Each module will have an assessment schedule, which will be completed by the end of the appropriate term, and will include formative and summative assignments and other assessment tasks. Assessments will be designed to demonstrate learning across the individual modules of the programme and to allow you to experience a wide range of the assessment methods used in UK postgraduate programmes. Assessments will normally include coursework, essays, reports and other structured assignments, oral examination and unseen written examinations.

Course Content

2 Terms
If you study this programme, you will study two compulsory units; Research Project and Postgraduate Skills Development, plus English for Academic Purposes. You will also choose an additional academic subject unit, depending on your intended progression degree.
3 Terms
If you study this programme, you will study two compulsory units; Research Project and Postgraduate Skills Development, plus English for Academic Purposes. You will also choose two additional academic subject units, depending on your intended progression degree, and availability.

Students aiming for progression to Queen Mary, University of London, must study the 3 term MFP.
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Quantitative Methods for Business Decision Making
  • Business Environment
  • Financial Accounting
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Statistical Analysis of Scientific Data
  • Engineering
  • Management Accounting
  • Understanding Learning and Development
  • Psychology for Social Scientists
  • International Development, Law and Education
  • Contextual and Cultural Studies for Postgraduates
  • Intercultural Communication

Note: The optional modules are subject to availability and you will be guided onto the best combination of academic modules for your intended degree when you arrive at ONCAMPUS London.

Progression Universities

Guaranteed progression to a variety of Master’s programmes offered by the Business, Economics and Informatics School at Birkbeck, University of London.

Business, Economics, Finance and Management

  • MA Arts Policy and Management
  • MA Arts Policy and Management
  • MSc Accounting and Financial Management
  • MSc Business Innovation with E-Business
  • MSc Business Innovation with Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • MSc Business Innovation with International Technology Management
  • MSc Business Technologies
  • MSc Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
  • MSc Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
  • MSc Economics
  • MSc Education, Power and Social Change
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc Financial Economics
  • MSc Financial Engineering
  • MSc Financial Risk Management
  • MSc Human Resource Development and Consultancy
  • MSc Human Resource Management
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc International Business and Development
  • MSc International Business and the European Union
  • MSc International Management
  • MSc International Marketing
  • MSc Investment Management
  • MSc Management
  • MSc Management Consultancy and Organisational Change
  • MSc Management with Business Innovation
  • MSc Management with Business Strategy and the Environment
  • MSc Management with Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
  • MSc Management with Creative Industries
  • MSc Management with Human Resource Management
  • MSc Management with International Business
  • MSc Management with International Business and Development
  • MSc Management with Marketing
  • MSc Management with Sport Management
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc Marketing Communications
  • MSc Sport Management
  • MSc Sport Management and Marketing
  • MSc Sport Management and the Business of Football
  • MSc Sport Management, Governance and Policy
  • MSc Sport Marketing

Engineering and Sciences

  • MA Cognition and Computation
  • MA Medical Humanities
  • MSc Computing Creative Industries
  • MSc Management Creative Industries
  • MSc Advanced Computing Technologies
  • MSc Applied Statistics
  • MSc Cognition and Computation
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Computing for the Financial Services
  • MSc Forensic Psychology
  • MSc Information Systems and Management
  • MSc Information Technology
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MSc Medical Leadership

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • LLM / MA Human Rights
  • LLM Constitutional Politics, Law and Theory
  • LLM International Economic Law
  • LLM International Economic Law, Justice and Development
  • LLM Law General
  • LLM Law, Democracy, and Human Welfare: Global Perspectives
  • LLM Qualifying Law Degree
  • MA / LLM Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
  • MA Applied Linguistics
  • MA Classical Civilisation
  • MA Classics
  • MA Comparative Literature
  • MA Contemporary History and Politics
  • MA Contemporary Literature and Culture
  • MA Creative Producing (for Theatre and Live Performance)
  • MA Creative Writing
  • MA Cultural and Critical Studies
  • MA Culture, Diaspora, Ethnicity
  • MA Developmental Sciences
  • MA Early Modern History
  • MA European History
  • MA Film Curating
  • MA Film, Television and Screen Media
  • MA Film, Television and Screen Media (European Pathway)
  • MA Historical Research
  • MA History of Art
  • MA History of Art with Photography
  • MA History of Ideas
  • MA History of the British Isles
  • MA Intercultural Communication for Business and Professions
  • MA Japanese Cultural Studies
  • MA Journalism
  • MA Language Teaching
  • MA Medieval History
  • MA Medieval Literature and Culture
  • MA Modern and Contemporary Literature
  • MA Museum Cultures
  • MA Philosophy
  • MA Psychoanalysis, History, Culture
  • MA Psychosocial Studies
  • MA Renaissance Studies
  • MA Romantic Studies
  • MA Screenwriting
  • MA Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Cultural Studies
  • MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • MA Text and Performance
  • MA Victorian Studies
  • MA World Cinema
  • MA World History
  • MFA Theatre Directing
  • MSc Accelerated Distance Learning Organizational Behaviour
  • MSc Career Management and Coaching
  • MSc Children, Youth and International Development
  • MSc Development Studies
  • MSc Development Studies and Social Anthropology
  • MSc Developmental Sciences
  • MSc European Politics and Policy
  • MSc Global Governance and Emerging Powers
  • MSc Global Politics
  • MSc Government, Policy and Politics
  • MSc International Security and Global Governance
  • MSc Learning Technologies
  • MSc Middle East in Global Politics: Islam, Conflict and Development
  • MSc Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
  • MSc Occupational Psychology
  • MSc Organizational Behaviour
  • MSc Politics of Population, Migration and Ecology
  • MSc Psychodynamic Counselling & Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents
  • MSc Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods
  • MSc Psychology (part-time conversion course)
  • MSc Public Policy and Management
  • MSc Social Research
  • MSc Social and Political Theory

Life Sciences

  • MA Archaeological Practice
  • MA Classical Archaeology
  • MA Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology
  • MA Educational Neuroscience
  • MA Gender, Sexuality and Culture
  • MA Social and Cultural Geography
  • MSc Environmental Management (Countryside and Protected Area Management )
  • MSc Analytical Bioscience
  • MSc Analytical Chemistry
  • MSc Bio-business
  • MSc Bioinformatics with Systems Biology
  • MSc Climate Change Management
  • MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology
  • MSc Educational Neuroscience
  • MSc Environment and Sustainability
  • MSc Gender, Sexuality and Society
  • MSc Geographic Information Science
  • MSc Microbiology
  • MSc Structural Molecular Biology

Business, Economics, Finance and Management

  • MA Events and Experience Management
  • MA Luxury Brand Management
  • MA Social Entrepreneurship
  • MA Tourism and Cultural Policy
  • MSc Management of Innovation
  • MSc Marketing and Technology
  • MSc Occupational Psychology

Engineering and Sciences

  • MA Independent Games and Playable Experience Design
  • MA/MSc Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • MSc Data Science
  • MSc User Experience Engineering

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • MA Arts Administration & Cultural Policy
  • MA Brands, Communication and Culture
  • MA Children’s Literature: Children’s Illustration
  • MA Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy
  • MA Cultural Studies
  • MA Culture Industry
  • MA Digital Media
  • MA Film and Screen Studies
  • MA Filmmaking
  • MA Global Media & Transnational Communications
  • MA Journalism
  • MA Media & Communications
  • MA Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts
  • MA Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy
  • MA Promotional Media: Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing
  • MA Race, Media and Social Justice
  • MA Radio
  • MA Script Writing
  • MA Television Journalism
  • MA Translation
  • MA/MSc Digital Journalism
  • MSc Consumer Behaviour
  • MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology and Health Services
  • MSc Music, Mind and Brain
  • MSc Psychology of the Arts, Neuroaesthetics & Creativity

Life Sciences

  • MSc Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience
  • MSc Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
  • MSc Forensic Psychology

Business, Economics, Finance and Management

  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MSc Banking and Finance
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc International Business and Politics
  • MSc International Financial Management
  • MSc International Human Resource Management
  • MSc Investment and Finance
  • MSc Management
  • MSc Management and Organisational Innovation
  • MSc Marketing

Business, Economics, Finance and Management

  • MA Consumption, Culture and Marketing
  • MA Marketing
  • MSc Accounting and Financial Management
  • MSc Business Information Systems
  • MSc Digital Innovation and Analytics
  • MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • MSc Human Resource Management
  • MSc International Management
  • MSc International Management (Marketing)
  • MSc International Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Project Management
  • MSc Sustainability and Management

Engineering and Sciences

  • MSc Engineering Management
  • MSc Information Security

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • MA Crusader Studies
  • MA History
  • MA History: Hellenic Studies
  • MA Holocaust Studies
  • MA Late Antique and Byzantine Studies
  • MA Politics of Development
  • MA Public History
  • MSc Contemporary Political Theory
  • MSc Elections, Campaigns and Democracy
  • MSc International Public Policy
  • MSc International Relations
  • MSc International Security
  • MSc Media, Power and Public Affairs


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ONCAMPUS is a partnership between many of the world’s leading universities and Cambridge Education Group. ONCAMPUS centres are based on university campuses throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. ONCAMPUS teach pre-university programmes leading to a wide range of undergraduate and Master’s degrees at leading universities across the UK, USA and mainland Europe.

Their programmes are designed for international students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry to university study, and benefit from the support they offer in preparing them to progress to their chosen university. Since 2008, ONCAMPUS have helped thousands of students progress to the best universities in the UK, USA and Europe.

Students completing the ONCAMPUS undergraduate and Master’s foundation programmes can access courses from the following partner universities:

Course Fees

Please get in touch with us to get the most up-to-date course fee for this programme.

Entry Requirements

  • From 5.5 IELTS or equivalent, with no single element lower than 5.5 for the 3-term MFP.

  • From 6.0 IELTS or equivalent, with no single element lower than 6.0 for the 2-term MFP.

  • An extended programme is available if you do not have the required English language level. This programme lasts 4 terms and includes an English language module (ELPP) followed by 3 terms of MFP.

  • Successful completion of bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognised university.

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